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Welcome to Idecowa Plantation Shutters and IDECO WA where everything matters and anything is possible. We are local and based in Mandurah and we love providing beautifully designed but easy and affordable custom window treatments by award winning Norman™ Australia. Whether you have windows with odd shapes and curves that you never thought could have snug fitting Plantation Shutters, or just want to upgrade your tired old blinds and curtains, we have you covered. No Stress, leave it up to Idecowa Plantation Shutters Mandurah. Our Plantation Shutters are commonly referred to as “the ultimate window covering”. Their versatility makes them desirable for both traditional and contemporary decors.

Plantation Shutters Mandurah and Peel

Custom Made, Affordable Plantation Shutters Based in Mandurah

At Idecowa Plantation Shutters Mandurah, we are a local business and our indoor Shutters are so popular, they will add value to your home for years to come as you enjoy the ambience and privacy your Shutters will make. Use Plantation Shutters in any room that’s all you need, no need to dress them up with anything else. The street view is amazing too! Custom-made just for you. Arches, full-height or café-style, multiple or single-panel configurations, the choice is endless, the choice is yours. Get in touch with Kevin and Lilly today.

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Idecowa Plantation Shutters Mandurah and IDECO WA work hand in hand with every element of award winning Norman Shutters. Custom crafted in Australia for timeless quality and perfection. No other Shutter maker is as innovative or as diverse and dynamic in choices. From frame to hardware, louver to finish – each Norman Shutter is made to suit your vision perfectly. Our Woodlore and Woodlore Plus (the world’s bestselling Shutters) are made from sustainably sourced wood, grown and processed in Australia, proudly supporting Australian forestry and manufacturing industries. Idecowa Plantation Shutters Mandurah with IDECO WA are the West Australian Suppliers of Norman Shutters with almost half a century of excellence in crafting fine window furnishings. Norman Australia’s quality and environmentally sustainable practices is what makes our Shutters the best in Australia. With our Shutters, everything matters, and anything is possible.

Plantation Shutters Mandurah and The Peel Region

The Partnership between Idecowa Plantation Shutters Mandurah, IDECO WA and Norman Australia continually strive to exceed the highest quality standards in window furnishings. Together, we are leaders in the industry when it comes to sustainability, quality and service excellence.

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